Stephanie Carey Naturopath and Nutritionist


Interview with Fertility Expert Claire Grullemans

How did you become interested in Fertility? I guess it sort of chose me as an area of specialty. As you might know, after you graduate there are so many different areas of health that you start treating patients for. I started with a bit of everything, then followed...

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Top 10 Foods to help you naturally lose weight

Maintaining a healthy weight can be real difficult in today’s busy society! Birthday celebrations, Friday night drinks and weekend social nights can be the most common culprits for your regular healthy eating habits going askew. A piece of cake there, a few wines...

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Vegetable Fritatta

✓ Gluten Free ✓ Sugar Free ✓ Good source of Protein ✓ Contains over 8 vegetables ✓ Makes 2 large frittatas Ingredients: ·      Sundried Tomatoes ·      1 x Punnet Cherry Tomatoes ·      2 x Cobbs Fresh Corn ·      2 x Carrots ·      2 x Zucchini ·      7 cloves of...

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What is Endometriosis and 5 ways to manage it naturally

Chances are you probably know some one who has endometriosis and have only stumbled upon it due to horrible painful periods, heavy bleeding, IBS like symptoms or sadly, difficulty trying to conceive. As mentioned, it is NOT a nice disease and unfortunately there is no...

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“I came to see Stephanie at a point where I had felt very fatigued over the course of about 10 years, and had just found out I was anaemic. As well as wanting to improve my energy levels, I also had a few other issues such as bloating and skin irritations that I was keen to stop.

The initial consult I had with Stephanie was extremely detailed and took a very holistic approach to my entire lifestyle to determine what I could do to improve my health. Not only was she knowledgeable, but also very caring and understanding. The information provided in the consultation, and the treatment plan Stephanie created was explanatory and detailed providing me with the right tools to make the changes necessary.

Within a few weeks my bloating and skin irritations had cleared up. Six months down the track into the treatment plan my iron levels are better than they have been in years, and in general I am feeling more energy than I have felt in over a decade.

I look forward to seeing even more changes as I continue in my treatment plan!”

– Rose

“Our reason for seeing Stephanie was our daughter, who was 16 years old at the time, had been contracting flu often and she was getting cold sores literally every 4-6 weeks.

Stephanie prescribed a herbal mixture along with a host of other vitamins and immune boosters and also a change in diet.

Stephanie conscientiously kept in touch regularly with me to see how our daughter was progressing and we had a few follow up appointments to check on the impact the diet and medicine was having.

I am very pleased to report that the treatment that Stephanie prescribed has been a resounding success – our daughter has not broken out in cold sores and she has remained in very good health.

Based on our experience, we cannot recommend Stephanie highly enough​!”

– Kate​​