✓ Gluten Free

✓ Sugar Free

✓ Good source of Protein

✓ Contains over 8 vegetables

✓ Makes 2 large frittatas


·      Sundried Tomatoes

·      1 x Punnet Cherry Tomatoes

·      2 x Cobbs Fresh Corn

·      2 x Carrots

·      2 x Zucchini

·      7 cloves of garlic (you don’t have to use this many if you don’t like garlic)

·      1 small diced Brown onion

·      1 cup of Grated cheese of your choice (the pizza blend usually works well or Mozzarella)

·      Olive oil

·      200ml Milk (dairy or coconut)

·      ½ cup of Mushrooms

·      12 Organic Free Range eggs

·      1 tsp Mixed dried herbs


1.    Preheat oven to 180 degrees

2.    Crack all 12 eggs into large bowl – whisk for 2 minutes (ensure a well blended yellow consistency)

3.    Chop Sundried Tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, corn and mushrooms – add to egg.

4.    Grate Zucchinis and carrot –add to egg.

5.    Lightly sauté garlic and onion in pan with olive oil – add to egg.

6.    Add 1 cup of cheese and milk to egg mixture

7.    Add mixed dried herbs, some pepper and salt

8.    Ensure Quiche pans have been greased with olive oil or butter

9.    With a spoon combine all ingredients and pour contents into quiche pans.

10. Sprinkle cheese on top with some mixed herbs, pepper and salt.

11. Cook for 1 hr – 1hr 30 mins (monitor every 20 mins – you can switch the trays).

Serve with sweet potato chips and your favourite salad.

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Stephanie Carey

Stephanie Carey

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Stephanie is a Naturopath and Nutritionist who has a special interest in female reproductive health, sports nutrition and digestive issues. She lives by the beautiful beaches of Bateau Bay.